This is so great. I have been writing my spiritual journey on your site and sharing it with my friends. They also have added content! I can't wait to print this out as a book and give it to my kids and friends! Many thanks!
- Ray H.
I have been looking for a place to do this and now you have the platform. Nicely done. Very well thought through. God bless you.
- Susan, Houston, Texas
I introduced this to my mother and she is so excited. She's now starting a Bible study class around your website. Thought you should know. Love it!!!!
- Nicole, Boston, MA
I have been using this now for a month and it's really wonderful. It had helped me in thinking through my Christian beliefs and I look forward to printing this as a book to share with my kids. Good job! BTW – I'm telling everyone about it!
- Mr. B., San Jose, CA.

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